Gregory A. Ford - Salesman

Gregory A. Ford - Salesman

     Greg started his auction life at the age of 11, right at the side of his Grandfather, who was an auctioneer from 1924 until 1980.  His passion for auctions continued as he grew whether it would be selling/auctioneering, setting up, ringing the sale, prepping, writing or clerking the sales.  Greg has participated in every aspect of the auction business and over the years has helped create the procedures in place which our company uses  today. 

Early on, Greg saw a need to change the way sales were set up and sold.  Too many auctions were lasting late into the  night and the buying crowds dwindled.  After joining his father's business in 1980, Greg came up with the idea of "multiple day auctions" where more than one auction would be held for the selling family.  "We have conducted as many as 13 sales for the Frieda Mae Higgins estate, 9 sales for the Doug Brannin Estate, 8 sales for the Estelle Pauls Estate, 7 sales at the Ryon Street home," just to name a few sales.  We have also sold as few as four items at an auction also.  Every sale in different and unique. " That is what makes this business exciting!"


     Our firm has conducted specialty auction from firearms, Indian artifacts, beadwork & jewelry, coins, post cards, toys, model toy trains, dolls, marbles, pottery, art glass, mission oak furniture, vintage costume jewelry, fine gold & sterling jewelry, vintage comic books, paper memorabilia & Husker memorabilia.  It's worth noting we have conducted sales for antique, vintage & muscle cars along with the vast array of car parts that come with such sales.  "A company has to be experienced and competent to be able to conduct these sales" Greg says.     

     After graduating college from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1988, Greg became a full time auctioneer and partner in  Ford & Ford Auctioneers, Inc., the company owned by his father Norm Ford.   He received his Real Estate License Certification with the State of Nebraska in 1988 and graduated from The Nebraska Auctioneers School in 1988.  Although Greg had already been auctioneering since 1981, this helped him hone his calling skills.   

     His interests range from antiques, mission oak furniture, art glass, toys, trains, marbles, dolls, jewelry, lapidary and just about most collectibles.  Greg has conducted over  100 catalogued Doll auctions in Lincoln, Nebraska and held Doll auctions for the former  “Mitchell Doll Museum” in South Dakota and also Sioux Falls and Tyndall, South Dakota.  He has appraised doll collections for individuals looking for insurance values or for estate valuations.  Greg is well versed in many forms of antiques, pottery, fine china, art glass  and collectibles and can appraise from one item to an entire household, depending on the client’s needs. 

Greg has spent considerable time learning about real estate,  farm equipment and farm ground,  antique tractors, antique engines and old cars.   Greg has also spent a considerable amount of time learning about firearms, hunting and fishing related items along with coin collections.  His  interest in classic/muscle cars started  with his high school graduation gift of a 1965 Ford Mustang when he started the “body off” restoration.  He still owns that Mustang, but remembers fondly the day he saw his car at auction during the summer of 1978. 

     Greg has traveled to Arizona, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri to conduct auctions.  His experience is a vital part of our company.  Greg was the lead auctioneer in Prescott, Arizona, over a four year period, selling over $1,000,000  worth of antiques, collectibles & firearms in that venue alone.

     Greg was a  bi-weekly guest appraiser on the KFOR “Problems and Solutions” radio show,  hosted by Cathy Blythe.  This show alone was broadcast in 5 states--Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota & South Dakota.  He has also participated in local antique roadshow appraisals and has conducted  countless benefit auctions for The Capital Humane Society, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Quails Forever,  Boy Scouts  and  The Joshua Collingsworth  Fund, just to name a few.